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GoFundMe Campaign for Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria

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There are an estimated 120,000 Southern Cameroonians who have fled violent conflict in the Cameroons and are currently seeking refuge across Africa, Europe, and the Americas. An estimated 60,000 of these are in Nigeria and Ghana. This concept note describes the structuring of a fundraising campaign using GoFundMe to raise funds for 1000 of the most vulnerable Southern Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria and Ghana to become self-sufficient and financially independent.

Proposal Concept
Raise funds to empower 1000 of the most vulnerable refugees in Nigeria and Ghana to become financially independent. Funds will be used for the following:
- Training and capacity building
- Skills acquisition in a trade
- Organization of refugees into cooperating units
- Production of identity documents
- Conditional grants to support basic living expenses during training and startup
- Investment grant to support startup of a venture after training
Programme ScopeThe current programme will focus mostly on refugees in the Cross River and Taraba state areas of Nigeria where the majority of refugees are located both in Camps and in host communities. However, consideration will also be extended to refugees in other parts of Nigeria and those in Ghana. The programme will also focus primarily on initiatives related to agriculture and entrepreneurship that can quickly be setup, requires low turn around times and directly benefits refugees. The scope of the program will cover the following:
- Sensitize refugee populations in the two states and across Nigeria band Ghana
- Conduct detailed needs assessment of refugee needs
- Develop selection criteria for refugees that can benefit from the programme
- Conduct identification and selection of beneficiaries
- Develop detailed specifications for projects to be funded
- Undertake training and capacity building for beneficiaries
- Organize selected beneficiaries into cooperating units to maximize synergies and reduce management overhead
- Work with selected refugees to prepare detailed plans for their businesses
- Develop procedures for funds disbursement
- Disburse funds to qualified beneficiaries
- Monitor activities of beneficiary businesses
Funding RequiredA minimum of $250,000 is required to support an intervention programme for 1000 identified beneficiaries. All funds are not required for the programme to commence, but at a minimum, bulk funding of at least $25,000 to support at least 100 beneficiaries must be available to kickstart the programme.
Rational BasisAs refugees, potential beneficiaries are typically in dire financial straits, often living from hand to mouth. Any programme to assist them with long term financial independence must also cater for their immediate needs for food, shelter and healthcare. The design of this intervention programme will include two components:
- a basic income support component that allocates funds for welfare of beneficiaries participating in the programme. This prevents beneficiaries from dipping into their capital to take care of basic living expenses.
- an investment component that provides capital for refugees to engage carefully curated and reviewed business ventures and is earmarked only for the purchase of capital equipment and for use as working capital
Each beneficiary will be allocated $250 on average, to cover both components as well as training expenses. It is estimated that $60 will be disbursed to beneficiaries over the course of 6 months as basic income support while they undertake training, prepare business plans and kickstart their business ventures. $40 will be allocated as overheard for training and to cover logistic expenses. The remaining $150 will be set aside as the investment component for beneficiaries that successfully complete training and prepare their business plans.