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Fundraising Campaign for Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria


Fundraising Campaign for Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria

GoFundMe Campaign for Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria


There are an estimated 120,000 Southern Cameroonians who have fled violent conflict in the Cameroons. Over 60,000 of these are in Nigeria. These refugees are in dire need of food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare. However, they also need opportunities to help them become self-reliant, self-sufficient and financially independent

Raise funds to empower 1,000 vulnerable refugees in Nigeria to become financially independent.


Target Refugees


Funds target

Activities covered in the campaign to attain our objective are:

  • training and capacity building
  • skills acquisition in a trade
  • organization of refugees into cooperating units
  • Production of identity documents
  • conditional grants to support basic living expenses during training and startup
  • Investment grant to support startup of a venture after training

Your kind support to this fundraising through any of the following channels will go a long way towards creating opportunities for self-reliance amongst these vulnerable refugees.


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What is Victoria Relief Foundation?

Victoria Relief Foundation (VRF) is a 501(c) not-for-profit corporation founded in 2017 in the US State of Texas to identify ways to sustainably address the fast-growing humanitarian challenges brought about by the deteriorating security situation in Southern Cameroons.

How do you make sure my Donation to VRF are spent wisely?

Donors are regularly kept informed on the ongoing campaign to see the progress made 

Is my donation tax-deductible?

(for US residents)


What percentage of my donation goes towards programs?

 All the work on the project is done on a strictly volunteer basis, the project has 0% overhead, and does not handle donation money.

What’s your goal?

Helping out refugees become self-sufficient and independent in their host countries