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About Us

Victoria Relief Foundation (VRF) was founded in 2017 in the US State of Texas to identify ways to sustainably address the fast growing humanitarian challenges brought about by the deteriorating security situation in Southern Cameroons. It is incorporated as a 501c not-for-profit corporation.

VRF team at work

What we do

In April 2020, and for the second year running, the Norwegian Relief Council classified the conflict in Southern Cameroons as the most neglected conflict in the world. The implications for victims of this conflict are dire. As a consequence of this neglect, there are minimal efforts by the international community to address the root causes of the conflict and bring about sustainable peace.

Get Involved

Join Victoria Relief Foundation’s astute team of volunteers if you share our vision. Volunteering with us entails helping thousands of people around the world affected by the conflicts, and reducing their suffering. Every day, our volunteers contribute their expertise to touch the lives of People of Concern (through advocacy and capacity building), and add value to the organization.